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Best Android Apps for Artists

Top 10 Android Apps for Artists (Art Education)


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Everyone cannot live without art, since it was the part of history. Even tablets and smartphones are fun technologies for playing games, browsing the Internet, but they also help most artists to produce an amazing art. Whether it just a painting or a need for art education, but some apps are really helpful to indulge your inner painter.

Artist Android Apps

Artist Android Apps

Best Android Apps for Artists

The following list are some of painting or art dedicated Android apps are still in development by most of smart app developers. In the near future, you there will be more best android apps for artists, and there should be more productive arts. Grab these apps, and enjoy creating your own artistic painting.

1. ColorBook


ColorBook is one of FREE painting apps for Android platforms, which is also an excellent app for people to try out some digital art painting on tablet device interface, even lack of confidence. However, you can practice your shading using this app, it works by making a copy of a photo and strips away the color. The downside about this app, that most of art projects are likely putting the first strokes down on the paper, but you can fix the problems by starting off with a black-and-white image, and this trick should works even when you use the most timid digital Picasso to try out painting skills.

2. Zebra Paint

It is another free art apps for Android that increase your creativity with a great range of colors to pick from. Choose your color and simply tap to the painting area you need to fill and then the app makes sure that your art stay in between the lines. The simplicity, intuitive and user friendly are the upside about this app. Also, even the smallest fingers, the app is very suitable.

3. Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe Photoshop Touch is definitely image editing Android app by Adobe Photoshop, rather than a drawing app, since the app is getting the features of Photoshop’s desktop version at your fingertips in a tablet-friendly UI. When you purchase the premium, you can easily use the post-processing tools on this app, like: applying filters and effects, tweaking hue and saturation, and even adding your own layers.

4. SketchBook Pro

SketchBook Pro is an app for serious artist who needs to sketch on the go using Android device, or just try out painting and drawing. The app is absolutely worth a look for advanced artists since it is preloaded with range of brushes and effects for more arts, as well as a wide array of image processing and editing features.

5. Color and Draw

Color and Draw offers you a variety of line art pictures to color as well as blank canvases for free-form sketching and scribbling. But some impressed features are such as optional voice prompts to help kids get their creative idea and think about favorite color choices. The selection is fun, kids can use in-app stickers to decorate their images after they’ve finished coloring them.

6. Canvas

Canvas is definitely an Android’s best painting and editing suite. It gives you many features, includes robust lasso selection,  easy ihoto importing, multi-layer support, and custom brushes. But the impressed thing for just a painting app, there is also features to Smudge/Dodge/Burn and multitouch zooming and panning tools.

7. Sketcher Lite

Love to sketch? Sketcher Lite is a simple but useful painting app. With over 11 brushes and eraser, it also includes color picker and  you can save your sketch files to SD card. Simply share your arts to friends and families by e-mail and MMS.

8. Magic Doodle

Magic Doodle is another great app for sketching, drawing and painting in one interface with over 40 brush and pencil effects provided. You will find layers, multitouch features, and even video playback of your art painting. Magic Doodle is suitable for every art lovers, beginners, advanced artists and professionals.

9. Paint Joy

Paint Joy offers you a doodle drawing by finger with a great database of brushes provided by the app. Then, you can play back drawing as a movie when you are using the MOVIE mode, very cool and fun to share your arts, and play it to your friends.

10. PicsArt – Photo Studio

Getting best reviews on Android market, PicsArt really offers you the best photography art tools on your Android device. It combines all great features of many photo editors in its nice interface. Also, it is one of the most complete photo editors available on the market that let you get your own art for free on Android devices.

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